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Your DJ Looks Good If You...

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Your DJ Looks Good if You…

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We offer a wide variety of music services from large school/church events and weddings to corporate events and smaller parties

Weddings and Events

Planning and Event Production from Start to Finish.

Parties and Dances

Large and Small Venues.


Why not perform for the crowd?

Our Hosts

Weekend Hosts

Special Tickets

Entrance Ticket

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  • Free Drinks & Food
  • Big Party
  • Famous Guest Stars
  • Lounge Area
  • Special DJ & Partners



  • 3 Drinks + 2 Food
  • Small Party
  • 2x Photo With Guest Star
  • Vibe Dining
  • Party Partner



  • 5 Drinks + 4 Food
  • Standard Party
  • Meet Private Guest
  • Dance Floor
  • Popular DJs

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